WREN Member Launches New Health Information Platform Focusing on Women


One of our founding WREN members, Esther Sarlo, has launched an exciting new online platform providing useful and practical information relating to Complementary, Holistic and Integrative Health.

"Mynd Myself simplifies what Complementary, Holistic, and Integrative (CHI) Healthcare is all about with FREE information, while connecting you to dedicated Healthcare Practitioners ready to support you on your wellness journey."

Esther is passionate about women's health, in particular, and will be hosting free online health discussions that provide a safe and intimate space to ask your most burning questions. The platform can be found at MyndMyself.com. On January 31, Esther will present three women experts on Hormone Health.

Join us for this FREE virtual event with relevant and useful information every woman needs.

In this Live Zoom panel discussion you will:

  • Hear leading edge data on women’s hormones – to help you separate fact from fiction.
  • Experience a safe space for honest talk.
  • Understand more about the common symptoms women experience with hormones and aging.
  • Recognize the messages your body is giving you so you can take action.
  • Discover tests you can take to get baseline information about your hormones.
  • Identify essential questions to help you navigate appointments with your Healthcare Practitioner.
  • Get simple tips for things you can do to have better experiences with sex again.
  • Ask questions of the experts in our 30-minute Q & A.
  • We hear stories all the time from countless women struggling with hot flashes, chills, weight gain, mood changes, sleep issues…

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