Non-Traditional Workforce Housing

non-traditional workforce housing
Mimos Coliving was recently profiled in an industry newsletter by Infinity Construction Group focusing on non-traditional workforce housing. Alisa Choi, WREN's Co-ownership Chair, was interviewed on the topic. (The term 'workforce housing' originated from the concept of providing affordable housing in resort/ski communities where disparity in wages and the cost of purchasing/renting homes in town prevented workers from being able to afford living in town. Not to be confused with affordable housing.)

With a median income in Toronto of just over $35,000 a year (Statistics Canada, 2022), housing costs are wildly out of sync with incomes.

Alisa explains the concept behind her downtown Toronto Coliving enterprise: "The multigenerational multicultural Coliving concept homes would provide house members their own private furnished and beautifully decorated room, as well as use of communal shared amenities -- a fully stocked kitchen, co-working/collaboration lounge, a library, an Art Therapy area and a big backyard. The design of the Coliving space was meant to provide micro-opportunities for social interaction, thereby helping to create a sense of well-being and feelings of social connection. Branded Mimos Coliving the prototype in downtown Toronto created an alternative option to traditional independent housing units."

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Mimos Coliving

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