Women Want to Make a Difference

Over the last 3 decades, with my work in financial services and real estate investing career, one thing that stood out to me is that women want wealth for reasons related to family and helping others, while maintaining a sense of security for themselves.  I have come to believe that women want to make a difference to those around them, and the issues or causes they hold dear to their hearts.

Cheri with her 3 children

What better way to achieve all this, then through real estate investing.  We can individually or collectively invest in an asset, in different ways, that will make money through cash flow (income minus expenses) or appreciation (increasing in value).  In turn women can provide housing for people who need a home, help our children live independently, get a head start towards their goals, assist other family and friends who may have a housing need.

Whether you are buying and being a landlord, flipping a property, being a private lender or joint venture partner, you, yourself are growing your own net worth. This provides you a sense of security and control over your own destiny.

In future issues of this blog, I will explore options that we can invest, individually or as a group, that will fit all three of the main desires for Wealth.  Imagine being able to get to the point of making a difference beyond our own center but expand out to our communities and beyond. We are all doing it on some level already. Please join me in this world of Real Estate Investing and together we will make a difference larger then we currently think we can. Let’s be Larger than Life.



4 of Cheri's 5 grandchildren

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