Unprecedented Times Mean Unprecedented Opportunities

Unprecedented Times Mean Unprecedented Opportunities for Real Estate Investors

Real Estate in Canada has been all over the news, with many markets booming even in this era of COVID. Bidding wars are the norm in many hot markets, with single family homes and condos both seeing bidding wars, all while inventory remains low due to inhibited mobility during the pandemic. What’s coming for the spring and summer? Although anxieties remain high about what the economy and real estate markets have in store, the roll out of vaccines and the supercharged savings accounts of many Canadian families are likely to keep confidence and demand high as well.

The Women’s Real Estate Network is hearing from its members that they have money and want to invest now before they get priced out of their markets. People have cash parked and are looking for solid growth opportunities. Did you know that women drive 85% of real estate buying decisions in Canada?

At WREN, we work to educate, organize and support the aspirations of Canadian women who want to build security and financial freedom with collaborative real estate investing. Today’s market, which combines heated demand with uncertain macroeconomic factors, has created a perfect environment for WREN’s unique shared risk and reward model.

We encourage women (and men) to reach out to us and explore how education, expert guidance, and collaboration are the right mix for these unprecedented times. Get the facts, not the fear. Find out more at wren.club.

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