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Tammy Sharp

Tammy Sharp

As a Real Estate investor and top Investor Focused Realtor, Tammy Sharp specializes in helping clients find cash flowing investment properties and invest in real estate. Not only does Tammy own multiple properties, but she also invests in other real estate vehicles such as mortgages, development properties and she is a partner in over 10 multifamily apartment buildings in the USA.

She is a woman who walks her talk! Tammy has recently assisted over 75 clients buy & sell investment properties with values ranging from $200,000 to over $1.5M.

“I think everyone should have at least one investment property. My slogan is Create Wealth through Real Estate. That’s what I’ve done and now I help others do that too. It’s really the best feeling to help my clients reach their goals.”

Tammy was awarded 2018 Medallion Club status, putting her in the Top 10% of all Realtors in Greater Vancouver, and has the distinction of being voted as one of Canada’s Top investor focused Realtors in Canada by Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.