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Connector Extraordinaire!

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”—Napoleon Hill

For over 25 years Liza has been passionately involved in what is now being called “the cohousing movement”. Liza’s deep and diverse background in tourism and events—including leading groups on world-famous European river cruises, managing Eco guesthouses in Bondi Beach Australia, and being employed by two Olympic Games—has cultivated and honed her gift for integrating work, travel, and fun. Whether sharing, managing, or owning property, Liza accumulated an abundance of experience accommodating students, travelers, and people relocating geographically. In addition, for over four years Liza lived successfully on cruise ships—perhaps the greatest example of co-housing on the planet!

As a single woman with a long-term lifestyle of overseas work contracts, Liza experienced a tough spot several years ago when she attempted to buy a home. So, in order to get into the real estate market, Liza discovered she had to do some homework and get creative! This started her journey of discovering everything possible about financing, joint ventures, and buying real estate. With a voracious appetite for learning and a gift for connecting people, Liza has amassed a wealth of information and wisdom—both past and current—about real estate sectors both inside and outside Canadian borders.

As the Founder and Leader of WREN, Liza feels compelled to provide opportunities for others, especially women, to find their own creative and collaborative ways to learn about and prosper from real estate and related markets. She loves to share this information with other women so they can learn, be confident, be inspired to take action, and FUN’d their futures through real estate.

Among her many achievements, Liza has produced two successful Victoria Real Estate Expos, she is currently in the process of purchasing a portfolio of investment properties with a group of women—and enlightened men—and she has set up a fund to create and construct more affordable co-housing and rental options for people across Canada.

The possibilities are endless…and now is the time! We’re better together!

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The WREN Success Team

Esther Sarlo

Content & Storytelling

As a passionate advocate for clear, authentic communication, Esther is a facilitator, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur who consistently captures the essence of an idea and translates it into crisp, accessible language… with heart.

Joan Probert

WREN Advisor

Joan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and has over 20 years of operational experience developing teams, strategizing organizational logistics and analyzing operations to re-align efforts to provide outstanding customer experiences...

Mia Frankl

Online Business Manager

Mia is in the beginning stages of her real estate investing journey. She is currently a municipal government employee, which provides her with an amazing platform to develop side hustles and reach for higher goals. She is keen to learn about multiple...

Alisa Choi

Chair, Co-housing Committee

Alisa Choi heads up the Cohousing portfolio at WREN. Passionate about celebrating diversity and valuing inclusive, safe spaces, she enjoys creating community in both her professional and personal life. Since 2015, Alisa has lived in cohousing ...

WREN Real Estate Mentors

Darlene Smith

Real Estate Mentor

Darlene Smith an international award-winning motivational speaker who energizes her audiences with enthusiasm while sharing her expertise inspiring others to achieve more success. She has an all-embracing experience of 15 Years in Senior Retail...

Julia Pereira

Real Estate Mentor

Julia has been an invaluable volunteer and partner with WREN. She has now officially joined the team as a Real estate Advisor and will be your Hostess for many of the Vancouver events. She is driven by her desire to help others live better lives through the power of...

Alice Soon

Real Estate Mentor

Alice Soon is the co-founder and managing partner of TESORO REAL ESTATE and is thrilled to be part of the WREN team! She is passionate about empowering and educating women to fulfill their life paths and achieve their ultimate potential. Alice has over...

Featured Speakers & Sponsors

Cheri Crause

Realtor, Developer

Cheri is a real estate agent with Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty, a real estate investor, a former Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and a current Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) (previously known as Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)). She...

Lynn Trevisan

Real Estate Advisor

With an engineering degree and MBA, Lynn spent 15 years as a Management Consultant supporting the pharmaceutical industry – which included lots of late nights and travel.  Knowing the pace was not sustainable, Lynn and her husband started to...

Kelly Fry

Kelly Fry Team

Kelly Fry is a Realtor® who is also a Chartered Accountant. She is originally from Montreal where she completed her Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Diploma in Public Accountancy at McGill University. Her love for numbers has made her...

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