Success Strategies in Real Estate as a Private Lender

Jodi Vetterl July 21

OPEN TO EVERYONE. WREN partner, Jodi Vetterl, will join us on Jul 21, 7:00-8:30 PM PST to teach us about the power of private lending with a deep-dive into an advanced TFSA strategy. Jodi is the CEO & Founder of Beyond the Banks Academy & Author of Beyond the Banks, Success Strategies in Real Estate as a Private Lender. She is also one of the authors in the upcoming book, From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Success Stories from Women Investing in Real Estate.

Desiring a career outside of Corporate America, Jodi spent the last 15 years building up a real estate portfolio in both the US & Canada as a passive investor with such strategies as buy & hold single-family homes; investing in multi-family buildings through a limited partnership, and private lending to active investors rehabilitating homes and land development.

As a result of these strategies, Jodi was able to retire from her corporate career in her mid-40’s to fulfill her passions around writing, speaking & consulting.

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