Celebrating Community and the Power of Collaboration

Happy International Women's Day

From the United Nations:

“This International Women’s Day, 8 March 2024, join the United Nations in celebrating under the theme Invest in women: Accelerate progress.

The world is facing many crises, ranging from geopolitical conflicts to soaring poverty levels and the escalating impacts of climate change. These challenges can only be addressed by solutions that empower women. By investing in women, we can spark change and speed the transition towards a healthier, safer, and more equal world for all.”

I generally agree with the UN statement and I also want to add a gentle reminder. The world currently is witnessing unprecedented opportunities to establish global connections that will impact our futures greatly. We are creating online businesses seemingly out of thin air, reaching diverse international markets, and collaborating more than ever before to bring more women into leadership and political roles.

Personally, I'm filled with gratitude for the opportunities we have and for the incredible women in my life. Their resilience, ambition, and support inspire me every single day. And if you knew me, you would know that I can be a challenging friend to have. I can be a PITA, be stubborn, and be overly optimistic while also being capable of falling into a depression. Not exactly a walk in the park!

I’m also profoundly grateful and happy to know that my mom at age 77 has an inspiring circle of friends who are some of the most fun, engaged, active and well-travelled women I’ve ever met. AND to add to that, I’m confident that my sisters also have wonderful circles where they thrive and grow together into the next phases of their lives. To the guys reading this, don’t forget that you need this too, for years you’ve found it through business, sports and clubs but there are many of you not socializing as much any more and it’s important for all of us! Back to the women though, as it is IWD!

My wish for you this IWD is that you find time to reflect on what you have. Chances are if you stop and think about it, you likely have riches. We have wealth with friendships, who must be counted highly in the value of our possessions. In our modern times our tribe, network, sisterhood, business groups and friends who we trust in, love and hold dear is to be celebrated. Our community is who you turn to in challenging times.

Here are a few ideas to encourage the women in your world:

Shared Knowledge and Expertise: Tap into the collective wisdom of experienced women who have navigated challenges.

Collaborative on Opportunities: Women need to form more partnerships that spread risk and amplify buying and business power. Share the risks and rewards.

Support, Mentorship, and Connection: Build relationships with like-minded women, celebrating wins and strategizing through tough times. Reach to to them, give and take from each other.

Up-to-date Education: Stay ahead of trends with webinars, workshops, and never stop learning. Then teach and share what you know with others.

Challenge Traditional Barriers: Bust into businesses and communities that are creating space and fostering opportunities for women to thrive. We can do this boldly when necessary and graciously when we’re extended an invitation.

Amplify Each Other's Voices: Through mentorship and knowledge sharing, we empower each other with the confidence to navigate and shape our business and lifestyle landscapes. SHOUT about it when your circle succeeds!

Celebrate Collective Success: Every woman's victory is a win for us all, fueling further ambition and inspiring others to step out. When possible go for the WIN WIN and leave behind a WIN that risks the expense of someone else.

In that spirit, I want to shine a spotlight on the power of community for women, especially in the ever-evolving landscape we face in 2024. We need each other to be kind, honest, patient, strong, and vulnerable. We need to lift each other up while not being afraid to call each other out on our shit! And if you are living life to the fullest, then SHIT HAPPENS!

This International Women's Day, let's pledge to be each other's champions. Seek out communities, networks, or mentors that foster collaboration and uplift women. Together, we can build wealth, create impactful legacies, and redefine what's possible in the world.

We can also retire happy together in a warm tropical community ….just sayin!

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