More in 2024!

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More in 2024!

Happy 2024! This year's theme? More! More kindness, compassion, love, community, action, and all the good stuff. As I soak up the sun in Puerto Vallarta, a little voice whispers: "Less is More."

Peace and quiet are my companions this year. Instead of the usual New Year's rush, I'm slowly gathering steam, setting intentions, and letting them simmer before taking off.

Maybe we overdo the "more" sometimes. Bombastic goals, rushed action plans, and chasing others' dreams instead of our own. That's why I started crafting my 2024 in December: budgets, travel plans, health priorities, all neatly organized. Surprises might appear, but my roadmap is set.

And here's another "more": More self-discovery! This month, I'm exploring what I truly want in life – health, wealth, love, career, everything. We're capable of more than we imagine, but reaching it requires knowing our desires. That roadmap, that purpose, that why – how can we live without it?

So, while 2024 promises challenges,  let's focus on the light we bring as one of those things we want MORE of. Let's plan, take action, but at a pace that feels good. Find and build that network, that support system, that community that fuels your growth. Embody the positive, be the spark and the effervescence that we all need this year! Be more and expect to receive more:)

Join us on January 12th and 17th for early events, and keep an eye out for more exciting announcements coming soon!

This year, let's add "more" and let's refine, reconnect, and shine brighter than ever. Happy 2024!