Mia Frankl

Mia is in the beginning stages of her real estate investing journey. She is currently a municipal government employee, which provides her with an amazing platform to develop side hustles and reach for higher goals. She is keen to learn about multiple income streams so she doesn’t just trade time for a pension over 30 years.

Her driving force is retirement. She has many friends at retirement age who are not financially able to leave their work. She has a great desire to have time freedom NOW. There are many ways to win at life and Mia is branching out from more traditional methods to create a platform for a secure retirement and a more flexible work schedule. Real estate will serve as one of those platforms.  

She is passionate about serving her community through volunteerism as well as designing a lifestyle of time freedom, which she believes is what we should all be doing! As a small business owner, real estate investor in training and no limits dreamer, Mia is excited about taking intentional action and helping others to do the same.

Her three daily words of focus are gratitude, abundance and possibility!

Mia has been serving the WREN team since day one, assisting with events big and small and going above and beyond to manage volunteers at the Victoria Real Estate Investment Expo. Mia has been a tireless assistant to founder Liza Rogers, who is grateful for the support and friendship.