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 wren membership


I really enjoy the collaborative nature of WREN.  Investinwith others is the way to go.
- Barbara E

Being involved with the WREN ladies and Liza has dramatically opened my eyes and encouraged me to think much bigger and more creatively with my real estate investing plans. This is such a dynamic and powerful group of women who are already taking responsibility with their financial future, amazing inspiration. - Lisa O.

member benefits

member benefits

Included in your annual membership

Discounted Event Tickets

  • Enjoy discounts on WREN events

  • Take advantage of our Partner offers

  • Get great discounts on National Conferences


  • Learn from our new 'Get Started' Course

  • Save $500 on our Group Coaching Program

  • Access to WREN and partner resource libraries

Monthly Meetings

  • Member only online Meetups

  • Workshops, Roadtrips, Property Scouting

  • In person social and networking sessions


Real Life Real Estate and Case Studies

  • Access examples of analysis examples and methods

  • Learn how to review Multi-families, Hotels and more

  • Avoid the mistakes that we've ALL made


Special Guest Speakers

  • Business leaders, Investors, Industry Professionals, Peers,

  • Experts, Owners and more. Online and Inperson

  • Topics include, Capital Raising, creative Financing, Joint Ventures and 'OPM'

Success and Celebrations

  • We love to celebrate, travel, and toast to your success.

  • We’ll also be with you when things feel like a struggle!

  • Exclusive retreats for expanded education, celebration and growth


Exclusive Access to Investment Projects & Deals

  • Receive immediate access to Puerto Vallarta Boutique Hotels and Villas, (2024 Focus)

  • Existing and new Canadian investment properties such as Motel Conversions, Multi-family developments

  • USA Expansion to multi family and hotels


Connections and Team

  • Online Member Portfolios tell you more about each other, where you’re investing, your home base, your preferred investments and portfolio and your lifestyle

  • Access to Database of properties, partners, professionals to create your power team

  • Associations and advocacy



  • Be part of a dynamic group of action-takers who invest, grow, learn, travel, retire and build wealth for our futures together!



opportunities and achievements

Some of the recent achievements, activities, and updates

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is this for you?

WREN Membership is for you if:

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You feel inspired when you learn there are other women like you who are passionate about lifestyle, retiring well and investing

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You want access to opportunities locally and beyond.

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You want to belong to a community that encourages you, celebrates you and helps you avoid the mistakes we've already made

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You want to share your potential opportunities and run them past our pros

join now

join now

Your annual membership includes access to exclusive educational content and investment opportunities

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to arrange payment by e-transfer).

WREN Club Annual

A WREN Club Membership is ideal if you want to fast track your investment goals and build relationships that could include your future investment partners.


WREN members benefit from expert advisors who are luminaries in real estate investing and related fields


Jorian de Vries

Commercial mortgage broker at Dominion Lending Centres

Colleen Thomas

Colleen Thomas

Experienced mortgage broker with Compass Mortgage Group


Cheri Crause

A former CFP, with expertise in rental housing development & in top 2% of real estate agents


Stuart Ross

Lawyer at Garton & Harris, offering practical and timely legal advice