Meet WREN’s New CEO


We're thrilled to announce that WREN Member, Joan Probert, will be the new CEO of WREN! She's an accomplished and skilled project manager with a wealth of Real Estate investing experience.  Joan previously worked for the City of Vancouver, from managing a $14M portfolio of commercial business operations to providing oversight and management to the maintenance and capital investments of over 200 Park Board buildings, facilities, and assets as well as managing a team of over 100 employees in three different departments.

Joan has been an avid real estate investor over the last decade and has been successful in generating wealth with real estate investments both in Canada and the US. Over the last 5 years, Joan has taken her passion for real estate and has joined a number of real estate investing, training and networking groups including Keyspire, The Women’s Real Estate Network and The Real Estate Investment Network.

One of her career highlights was working as Director of Operations at the Vancouver Convention Centre during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Welcome aboard, Joan!


  1. Zoi Livia on November 22, 2021 at 10:55 am PST

    Congratulations to WREN for securing Joan Probert as CEO. Joan has a reputation that exceeds her accomplishments and is a true ‘Women’s Women”. I am excited to watch the amazing next steps that the Women’s Real Estate Network has forecasted with so many exciting opportunities planned in short order. I admire the collective mindset of empowering one another for greatness with a bigger vision than we hold singularly. Congratulations!

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