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Liza Rogers is a dynamic force in both real estate investment and community development. With over 25 years of experience spanning global tourism, events, and property management, she brings a unique perspective to her work. From managing international vacation properties to leading groups on European river cruises and overseeing Eco guesthouses in Australia, Liza's diverse background has shaped her holistic approach to real estate.

As the founder of the Women's Real Estate Network (WREN), based in British Columbia, Liza is committed to fostering collaboration and empowerment, particularly for women, in the real estate industry. Her portfolio includes projects ranging from a 145-acre subdivision in Otter Point to a four-plex rental property in Esquimalt and a 12-unit townhouse development in Campbell River. Liza's passion for co-housing and community-driven initiatives is evident in her ongoing efforts to create affordable housing options across Canada.

Driven by a desire to share her knowledge and empower others, Liza organized the innovative Victoria Real Estate Investment Expos and spearheaded initiatives to educate and support women in navigating the complexities of real estate investing. Her dedication to creating positive social, cultural, and environmental impact through her work exemplifies her belief that wealth extends beyond monetary gain. With a knack for building partnerships and a commitment to lifelong learning, Liza continues to inspire others to find creative and collaborative ways to thrive in the world of real estate.

What's next....Liza and her WREN team are buying Boutique Hotels for cashflow and future retirement in Mexico, and other destinations that are welcoming location independent, remote workers and retirees

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