Live, Love, Work, Travel

Live, Love, Work, Travel.

I’ve always loved looking at properties. I remember going to open houses with my mom when I was a kid and enjoying walking through, imagining living in these different homes. We looked at plenty because we moved a lot. I got used to discovering new places, meeting new people, attending new schools, shopping at new grocery stores and making new friends. As an adult my ease with moving turned into a passion for travelling and that has morphed into a lifestyle.

I love variety, I love to travel, and I still love looking at houses. Now I firmly believe that there’s a trend growing globally that matches these ideas and WREN is ready to take part. Let me give you a little background.

Immediately before landing in Victoria I was managing a guest house in beautiful Bondi Beach, Australia. It was a surreal experience; hosting people from all over the world, young, retired, families, singles, people who were visiting for three days, people who stayed with us for four months. We even hosted David Suzuki!

While managing the house I fondly recall the flow of deep philosophical conversation. We solved all of the world’s problems with wine on the patio and potluck meals themed to the country of a visiting guest. We learned and shared, lived simply, easily and honestly. Community, connection, collaboration and celebration were woven into the fabric of our day to d

The house itself was ECO friendly. We had chickens, composted and cleaned with 100% natural cleaners. One of our guests had never composted before and his daughter delighted in throwing scraps into the bin and watching the worms wiggle around. This guest, an eccentric European man, was a self-declared capitalist who at first struggled with the ‘green’ movement. Over his time at the house he proudly proclaimed “Look Liza, I’m doing my green part and composting.” This may seem small but this man started a solar energy company in Africa and credits his time living with us as the catalyst to a more sustainable existence.

Lessons for life, potluck dinners, excursions in new cities, ocean swimming buddies, tearful goodbyes, new friendships in many countries and promises to visit are just a handful of the benefits of living in a house full of travellers. Now as the world becomes smaller, the Internet becomes bigger and the number of people who are ‘location independent’ grows, people are adopting a lifestyle of living, working and travelling. I’ve subscribed to that journey myself with my co-owned property full of locals and travellers in Victoria and soon, with some of you, we’ll move beyond. This idea is one of the concepts that helped bring WREN into existence.

When I initially started WREN I was aiming to buy a vacation property or a bed-and-breakfast in Victoria. I spoke to many people of a trend that was growing but I was ahead of the curve and no one wanted to jump on my train. This trend is now taking off globally and I am not waiting anymore. I encourage you to take a look at these Co-living/ Co-working organizations, popping up around the world and think about how you might want to be involved.

WREN was born with the idea that together is better. We can invest, make an impact, improve our finances, create cashflow and FUN’d our future. We can do this locally with developments for the community, nationally with education and events and internationally with access to less expensive and more diverse property markets.

Whether it’s my dream of living in the sun with a great group of friends for 6 months of the year or Joan’s dream of driving to each of our mobile home parks and resorts in her rockstar bus or Darlene’s dream of creating more communities for those with mental health issues. Together we can achieve all of this!


With our Success team, determined and dynamic wonder women, our dreams out in the open to be seen, heard and acted upon… I have two questions:

  1. Where is your Dream?

  2. Are you with us?

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