Joan Probert

Joan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and has over 20 years of operational experience developing teams, strategizing organizational logistics and analyzing operations to re-align efforts to provide outstanding customer experiences while enhancing fiscal results.  She currently manages a $20M portfolio of commercial operations for the City of Vancouver. Her entrepreneurial spirit has driven her towards building a real estate investment portfolio that will give her the financial freedom and security to create her best life and the best life for those she loves.

Joan’s real estate investing journey began a few years ago when she joined Keyspire and started on the path to building her investing toolkit.  She is also an active member of REIN and offers her expertise on the Advisory Panel for WREN. Joan recently graduated from Mobile Home Park University in the US and is eager to share her knowledge with our investing community on creating lucrative opportunities in mobile home parks in the US and Canada. Joan shares so many of the values and fundamental community concepts that WREN is built on and is an active and passionate participant and friend.

Growing up in a mobile home park on Vancouver Island and spending her weekends in a recreational park in the US has given Joan a unique perspective of the attributes of this type of investment.  She is passionate about the power behind supportive communities that nurture all aspects of our lives, both personal and professional. Mobile Home Parks not only offer a solid investment but they also create the opportunity to build these communities while providing affordable housing options.  Joan and Liza are actively working towards assembling a portfolio of Mobile Home Park Communities and invite others who see the benefits of this asset class to join us in this endeavor!

In the near future Joan hopes to be cruising around the country chasing the good weather in her rock star bus, playing a few rounds of golf and meeting interesting people along the way….let the adventure begin!