Investing in Cohousing/Coliving

Investing in multifamily residential properties is less risky and more enjoyable with other like-minded women!

WREN’s educational platform provides you with the resources, tools, and inspiration you need to invest in a home, either on your own or with others. You are free to create joint venture partnerships with your own network or choose partners from the WREN team. As a WREN member, you get access to podcasts, webinars, valuable tips, and downloadable worksheets. We even have access to a really quick personality test that you can use to help you understand what personality traits to look for in your housemates or business partners. Our expert guest speakers will provide you with valuable advice and inspiration for creating the home you’ll be proud to own and/or live in. WREN provides many opportunities to network with other women whose values match with yours so that you can get started together. We’re better together!

How is working with WREN different?

  • WREN members can choose to invest in projects as silent partners (passive investors) on initiatives that other WREN members are developing.
  • WREN members might be like many of our active investor members who are also passionate about participating in their communities and/or have a vision for retiring abroad or a desire for a nomadic lifestyle.
  • The choice is yours!  WREN and our partners are able to accommodate many types of investors.

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