Why Invest in Self Storage?

3 Reasons in 3 Minutes

From Lynn Trevisan at Raintree Financial, check out this 3-minute video about the opportunities to invest in self storage in Canada.

Make Space Capital Partners (“the Fund”) investment objective is to create a portfolio of storage investments across diverse markets in Canada that provide investors with a stable return (quarterly distribution) and strong upside potential (total return target of 12-15%). Currently, the Fund has invested in 8 self storage facilities, which represent approximately 450,000 square ft. of storage space and 3,140 units, with an additional 5 acquisitions in the pipeline. The Fund has grown to over $67 million in assets under management since inception (2019), and continues to capitalize on the growth of Canada through its ongoing pipeline of value accretive acquisitions, multiple revenue streams and professional management.

To find out more, contact Lynn at ltrevisan@raintreefs.com

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