From Ordinary to Extraordinary

New Book Launch - From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Success Stories from Women Investing in Real Estate

Hi, Liza Rogers here, Founder of WREN.

For International Women's Day this year I am beyond excited and honoured to officially announce and share with you the book which I hope will change your life.

Why this Book? I am spearheading and co-creating this book so it functions as an educational and inspiration tool. From the collective experiences of all the women in this book, I want to show you what is possible. I trust that, by sharing stories of women across Canada who have been able to accomplish amazing things while overcoming many challenges, you will find your own way to manifest your dreams with greater ease. The women in this book don’t consider themselves to be extraordinary. They’ve come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, known hardship, struggled with education, overcome the barrier of English as a new language, and somehow mustered the guts and grit to become resilient, unstoppable, and successful. A-ma-zing!!! Our message to you: If we can do it, so can you!

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