FAQs and Things to Know about WREN

A wealth-building platform for women, WREN is an accessible, peer-driven, multi-sourcing, inclusive club that connects, educates, informs, advocates for, and fuels women to action. We are a social enterprise driven to make a positive impact in our communities locally and nationally.

We offer safe, friendly, judgement-free,  events for like-minded women (and enlightened men). We are not a group of realtors. We are a community of women seeking to connect and collaborate with the intention of making more educated and powerful investment decisions 

C’mon let’s get busy and FUN’d our futures. We’re better together!

No!!! Money is an essential ingredient in real estate but you can start with as little as $5,000. However, just as important as your financial investment is your desire to create the life you want along with a willingness to learn and a collaborative mindset.

No. WREN introduces you to experts and community members who want the same thing as you—financial freedom through real estate. WREN is the network or hub that connects you to people (mostly women) who are taking action and investing. No investing is done under the WREN brand.

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WREN members are women (and enlightened men) from all walks of life. Some are savvy real estate investors and developers, others are looking to buy for the first time, or again, after a major life event. Some are professionals in the real estate investing world and associated industries. All WRENs are genuine, down-to-earth, and caring people who want access to great real estate investment opportunities and who are interested in collaborating in the 5 WINZ Approach—Wins for Women, Business, Investors, Family and Friends, and our Communities. WREN members are predominantly peers who depend on each other's expertise and access to resources to move ourselves and our communities forward.

Being a WREN member means connecting to a tribe of women (and some enlightened men) who share values, goals, and lifestyle dreams. We’ve often had women tell us that WREN members have impacted their lives well beyond real estate and investing. Members become friends, investing partners, travel partners, and some are even planning WREN Retirement Nests—homes in sunny locations around the world that we own, profit from, vacation at, or work from as part of the plan for living our best lives. We know that real estate investing isn’t necessarily about loving real estate but rather it’s about using real estate as a tool to Fun’d our Futures. We also know that women generally invest differently than men—and we’ve created a space to focus on doing just that...investing our way!

  • Access to our team of experts, lawyers, accountants, realtors, advisors, and strategists
  • Cohousing Placement Priority (a fast-growing global trend)
  • Free and discounted passes to partner and affiliate programs and events
  • Mastermind Programs created especially for our members
  • Member-exclusive monthly virtual strategy and sharing sessions
  • Member-exclusive in-person events in Victoria, Vancouver, and Toronto
  • Member-to-Member Direct Connection
  • Ongoing, real-time education with real estate case studies taught by Special Guest Speakers
  • Priority Access to Investment Projects, Deals, and Developments
  • Self-development focused on your health, wealth, and self.
  • Success and Celebrations of your WINs

The cost of membership is $599 for 2020. This can be paid monthly over a 12 month period and, in 2020, memberships will be honoured for 18 months (you receive a 6-month FREE bonus!) 


The value of your WREN membership is priceless. You are in a club of women driving in the same direction as you, using the same map, and speaking the same language. There is nothing more valuable when trying to improve your life than the people with whom you surround yourself.

We have a website, we’re on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Meetup, and Instagram. We have a bi-monthly newsletter, we’re on messenger, and you can email or call us! All links can be found on the WREN website. Click here.

WREN is primarily focused on women’s financial independence but we absolutely welcome men as members, sponsors, advisors and experts in our community.

Yes, we offer our own programs in areas where we have specific knowledge and we partner with people and organizations that offer programs outside of our expertise. We carefully choose who we partner with based on ethics, values, cost, and measurable outcomes.

WREN Club members are currently focused on building cohousing rental properties in Canada and buying mobile home parks in BC, across Canada, and eventually  in the USA. As a WREN member you will have access to investing in and collaborating on these projects. All investments are outside of the WREN Club, and require you to consult with your own legal and accounting advisors.

Not at all. In fact, many of our members are participating in their first projects as active or passive investors. We work with authentic, respectful, collaborative, communicators who have a sense of humour and a 5 WINZ desire for themselves and their communities.

This is a complex question that needs more than a short FAQ answer. As a WREN member, you will meet people and be exposed to many opportunities to invest. We can connect you with the right people to help you find the right investments for you. All investing needs to be analyzed with and by professionals, accountants, lawyers, realtors, and your team. Reach out to us via email at info@wren.club for more details about how to start with education and a solid network to put you on the right path.

After living a gypsy life of working overseas and on contract for many years I found myself in a position of needing to create my own retirement plan. I know too many women facing similar financial futures: no pension, no partner, a non-traditional credit story, and no collaborative network.  Since I was going to do all this work for my own future, I thought, why not make this available for other women too so we can all grow and profit together! I am all about creating opportunities for interested women to learn how to best help and support each other while we take charge of our own lives and our futures...together!

Still want more? Following are some bonus FAQs focused more on investing in general!

There are many ways to become an investor. The more common ones are “buy and hold”, “flipping”, “joint venture partnerships”, and “passive investing”. The options are endless and offer something for everyone who is committed to learning, listening, and taking action. At WREN we can help you learn which ones are right for you!

The best way is to surround yourself with a variety of other investors and people who are familiar with the industry so you can learn what appeals to you most and what will work best for your needs and your future. Evaluate your goals, your risk tolerance, and the needs of your family or community. Ask yourself, do you want long term cash flow, equity, or quick flip capital? Then look at how and why you came to the conclusions you did. Work with experts trained to help you find the right path. WREN can definitely introduce you to some amazing expert resources. Once you have decided what fits your needs and lifestyle, then you can choose which type of investments you want to make. Hint...take the survey right on the home page...

All investments have risk. Smart investors mediate their risk by investing based on numbers not emotion...by buying in the right markets at the right time with the right strategy and the right team. Again, connecting and collaborating with experienced people who are in it together can make all the difference.

A joint venture agreement is a binding contract between two or more parties who agree to the same terms and conditions on a property. This agreement can range from one person providing the capital for a project with the other person doing all the work and splitting profits, to going 50/50 on a property together, or even using another person’s ability to qualify for a mortgage when you can't and giving them an agree-to portion of the deal. Joint ventures are not to be entered into lightly and work best when all parties have equal access to council who fully reviews all angles and aspects of the deal and the agreement.

ROI is your total profit (cashflow, principal recapture, and appreciation minus the expenses and mortgage) divided by the amount of capital you invested into the deal. ROI is just one important calculation in the real estate world and it is a good one to play with!