Darlene Smith

Darlene Smith an international award-winning motivational speaker who energizes her audiences with enthusiasm while sharing her expertise inspiring others to achieve more success. She has an all-embracing experience of 15 Years in Senior Retail Management, but this didn’t halt her entrepreneur passion by operating 3 businesses in Special Care Homes for Mentally Ill residents, which later sold as Turnkey Operations. This led her to be a Real Estate Speaker and Trainer to build dreams with Fortune Builders.  She is a Two-time winner of the IEL Award (Inspire, Educate, Lead) in Real Estate training. : Plus, rated BEST Speaker by the attendees.

Darlene is a sponge for knowledge and believes it is her responsibility to share that knowledge. One key to achieve success is to “Follow A System”. Darlene loves teaching how to set up systems that save time, are productive and improve efficiency.

Darlene’s major drive in life is to serve others, share her passion, and influence lives positively. She uses her great sense of humor to entertain and keep audiences laughing in their seats.

“Everything starts and ends with your mindset”. Darlene always focuses on teaching people to develop a positive mindset, to experience more happiness and enjoy the road to success.

Darlene’s expertise includes the topics of Mindset, Entrepreneurship, and Communication Skills.