Congratulations to Alisa Choi, WREN member, and cohousing/coliving chair

Mimo's Coliving

MIMOS COLIVING is a new residential experience.

We take care of housekeeping and finding housemates -- you focus on being the best version of you! Inclusive, multicultural, LGBTQ friendly, all-gendered housing for short term and long term. We've completed two out of four floors of our Coliving space. All the small touches were lovingly selected to bring the Mimos™ vision to life. We named one of our rooms on the second floor the "BFF Room", inspired by WREN founder's desire to own a BFF (Best Friends Forever) mansion!

And yes...the CO/CO Mastermind is coming in 2021. It's such an important area of growth and we want to do it we're taking time to make it amazing. Learn more about Cohousing and Coliving here.

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