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Co housing / Co living / Co investing for a healthy wealthy future.

There are two topics that are top of mind for most people these days: health and housing.

The conversation for many is affording either of those! Many cities around the world are seeing the impacts of housing shortages and are beginning to understand how it affects our health, wealth and happiness. We need to open up creative solutions and new opportunities for housing and think outside the box.

Liza is passionate about connecting community and creating extraordinary experiences for people in her circle.

With a background in Tourism, Hospitality and Events she brings a unique perspective to the Co-housing/Co-living conversation and shares stories of managing a variety of co-living situations. Liza firmly believes that multigenerational shared housing is a healthy alternative to the housing crisis faced by so many and she lives, breathes and works this ethos with her company WREN.

WREN would like to thank our wonderful women and the marvellous men who support us.

Together we are about Creating.  Collaborating.  Connecting.   Celebrating.  Community.