Cashflow Crunch – Let’s run the numbers

Members' Exclusive!

Continuing for WREN Club Members: bring your investment property project to Cashflow Crunch and we'll run the numbers together! From mortgages, taxes, and insurance to legal fees, maintenance costs, and ROI. We meet the first Wednesday of the month 9:00 am PST. We'll add more meetings as you bring us more properties to crunch!

  • Thinking of a flip? Let's make sure it isn't a flop!
  • Joining a joint venture? We'll do due diligence!
  • Building an income suite? Work through the reno costs and get it right!

Liza and expert guests will plug the numbers into spreadsheets and together they'll analyze your properties in real-time. We know so many members who are undertaking great projects, have properties under contract and people asking them to partner. Let's use the first Wednesday of the month to share the burden, exercise the brain and relieve some stress! Watch an excerpt from a Cashflow Crunch.

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