Mexico Update – Casa Virgilio

Puerto Vallarta

Mexico Update

While we were in Mexico we visited Casa Virgilio as well as a few other properties. 

The Casa is amazing as we had expected...however after visiting we decided that it is off the beaten path for a BFF Mansion.  One thing we realized after spending almost a month in Puerto Vallarta is that location is key to accessing entertainment and services.  As much as we want a tranquil setting to relax and recharge...we also want restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment close by.  After much discussion we decided to focus on a location that has more "Comings and Goings."  A location where you wouldn't feel isolated, such as the Marina area in PV.

This area is not in the core (which is good) however it is close enough to have all the benefits of access.  It is a bustling community of expats and has many nice restaurants, golf courses, beaches, and shops to access.  We want to find the best of all worlds for our BFF Mansion and the Marina seems like it checks all the boxes.  Stay tuned as we continue our quest for the perfect place in Puerto Vallarta!

If you or any of your colleagues are still interested in pursuing Casa Virgilio...let us know...we can point you in the right direction and pass on the information we have gathered.

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