Betterwith Ice Cream


Life is "Betterwith Ice Cream"!

WHO was a fan of the Cupcake Girls?

In 2002, Lori Joyce co-founded Cupcakes with her best friend. In a short time, the two developed the Cupcakes Franchise into a national 10-location chain. In 2010, she also became the co-executive producer and co-star in the Gemini-award-winning reality TV show, The Cupcake Girls, which aired for three seasons and was broadcast in over 95 countries.

After a much-needed break and during a typical grocery run, she stood in the freezer aisle, with a knowing that she could make a better ice cream than the 'frozen desserts' that she saw in front of her. Ice cream without tons of sugar, or any gums that could disrupt the category with transparency. Honesty, accountability and better practice is simply better for everyone and Lori believes the time to lead with this mission is right now.

Lori Joyce is the Founder and CEO of Betterwith Ice Cream, she leads with a purpose to prove that her vision for this company (and product) is relevant and important for a healthy and strong future. What is her vision?

  • To create healthy disruption in the industry and lead with food transparency to build an honest food system.
  • To create healthy disruption in the category as a female founder with honest intention.

No compromise, all purpose.


Check out Lori's campaign and support this amazing product.
A future better with ice cream that is full of flavour, not sugar  - closing February 8, 2022

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