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The intimate and transformative stories of ten Canadian women who achieved financial success through investing in Real Estate.

Meet Tiffany Young

Fun Initiator, Investor Life

Tiffany is one of the co founders of Investor Life. A company that believes in working to live, not living to work.

Investing in real estate from a young age, through many booms and busts in a tumultuous market has definitely given Tiffany a rather different view of investing. She's known to speak her mind and say it as she sees it, but always with the best of intentions.

Always cheering for the underdog, finding and helping newbies in the real estate game is a passion of hers, as is teaching people how to raise capital for their deals. Knowing what its like to have dreams bigger than your bank account, feeling stuck at where you are in life, and just needing a change of trajectory, Tiffany has a huge passion for helping people get unstuck...and in the process, become unstoppable.

What Readers are Saying:

“As a woman Real Estate investor and commercial broker, this book shares with women the importance of multiple streams of income and the benefits and freedom that comes with investing in Real Estate!! A Must Read!!!”
Galit Ventura-Rozen
Real Estate Entrepreneur, Business Expert, and Author

"If you want to learn how to invest in real estate
and be inspired at the same time
then this book is for you!"
Than Merrill
Founder of FortuneBuilders

The women in this book have done it and so can you. Reading this book will ignite your F.I.R.E. to get started or level up and provides inspiration and actionable exercises to get you moving forward.
Tahani Aburaneh
Founder of F.I.R.E. ( Females IN Real Estate)

Tiffany Reading from her Chapter
Tiffany's Book Excerpt

Meet All the Authors

Liza Rogers

Founder, Women's Real Estate Network

Alice Soon

Founder and Managing Partner, Tesoro Real Estate

Cheri Crause

REALTOR®, Real Estate Investor, Developer

Kelly Fry

Team Lead, Kelly Fry Personal Real Estate Corp.

Darlene Smith

Owner/Speaker/Trainer, Darlene Smith Training

Alisa Choi

Mimos Coliving Inc.

Brett MacLean

Director, Homeward Bound Sales Ltd.

Jodi Vetterl

CEO & Founder of Beyond the Banks Academy

Ava Benesocky

CPI Capital

Tiffany Young

Fun Initiator,
Investor Life