Alisa Choi

Alisa Choi heads up the Cohousing portfolio at WREN. Passionate about celebrating diversity and valuing inclusive, safe spaces, she enjoys creating community in both her professional and personal life.
Since 2015, Alisa has lived in cohousing as a way to create a social support structure after moving to Toronto from Vancouver. In 2018, Alisa created her own multigenerational co-housing arrangement in order to afford the high rental prices in downtown Toronto.
Alisa is the Founder of Cross-Cultural Strategy Inc., a marketing consultancy committed to helping management teams adopt more inclusive business strategies. She is also the former Executive Director, Canada, for I TALK TO STRANGERS, a global movement to create opportunities for meaningful dialogue between strangers. There she oversaw over 100 events across Canada that brought strangers together for meaningful conversations, one person, one conversation, one stranger at a time.