WREN’s Cohousing/Coliving Committee Mandate

As an educator and an advocate for non-traditional housing and lifestyle alternatives, this committee is a trusted resource for cohousing/coliving solutions. Through collaborations with other organizations, we promote innovative housing and investment opportunities for communities across Canada.

Intentional living arrangements such as Cohousing and Coliving can take many forms. You can be part of this healthy growing trend!

What is Cohousing?

In Cohousing communities, you would own or rent a private home, complete with a kitchen and bathroom, along with assorted other amenities, depending on the home. In addition to your own home you could share some common areas, including a community kitchen, dining space, amenities room, and garden, which all help bring fellow residents together. The community is typically run collaboratively by you and the other residents, although it can be helpful if there is some form of a ‘community manager’.

What is Coliving?

Coliving, as WREN defines it, is another form of intentional living in which people share a single residence. Coliving with housemates who you’re not related to is often the norm among university students and young adults just starting out in their careers. It’s also becoming increasingly popular in major urban centres to combat high rental costs. With rental vacancies at a painfully low rate and social isolation leaving even introverts feeling lonely, Coliving allows you to live with a ‘created’ family with people who share similar values. 

Introducing WREN Cohousing/Coliving Committee Chair: 

Alisa Choi is a marketer by trade and social entrepreneur by design.

She heads up the Cohousing portfolio at WREN. Passionate about celebrating diversity and valuing inclusive, safe spaces, she enjoys creating community in both her professional and personal life. Since 2015, Alisa has lived in cohousing as a way to create a social support structure after moving to Toronto from Vancouver. In 2018, Alisa created her own multigenerational co-housing arrangement in order to afford the high rental prices in downtown Toronto.

WREN Founder, Liza Rogers’ Perspective on Coliving

Liza has been connecting communities and creating extraordinary experiences for people in her circles for decades. With a background in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Liza brings a unique perspective to the Cohousing/Coliving conversation and shares stories of managing a variety of Coliving situations. Liza firmly believes that multigenerational shared housing is a healthy alternative to the housing crisis faced by so many and she lives, breathes, and works this ethos in WREN.

Read Liza’s story here.

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