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WREN - Women's Real Estate Network

Join WREN Club members, experts, and guests online and stay connected. Free for all every second Wednesday of the month - check out the Events page for details.

Upcoming Webinars Open to All

December 2 & 9

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm Pacific Time

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WREN Success Stories!

These women are winning with real estate investing!

WREN Club Members have collectively completed over $100 Million worth of real estate transactions!


Alice Soon | Co-founder of Tesoro Real Estate

By WREN | April 9, 2020

​MEET ALICE SOON, Co-founder of Tesoro Real Estate Started real estate investing in 2016. Currently involved in 25+ projects. Diversified…

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Learn with like-minded women.
Working with women from coast to coast.
Watch this "Yes You Can" Masterclass.





I am writing to express my appreciation to Liza Rogers and the WREN group for all she is doing to introduce and encourage women interested in learning about real estate investing. Her passion is clearly ensuring women can prosper and grow with solid knowledge, support and encouragement. I learn something from Liza every time we get together.

~ Lori Beaulieu

Liza is authentic, intelligent, and a true motivator. She is a steady source of great ideas, all of which are geared towards improving the lives of others as well as the Earth. We share the belief that business can be successful through using a heart-centered approach.

~Kimberly Dean

Thank you, Liza! Your expertise and on-going support made a considerable difference as we were navigating the complexities of our triplex purchase. Every time it felt like we reached a road block you were there with your strategic know-how and knowledge of the real estate industry to help us get over the hurdles. With your consultation we gained the confidence to keep moving and are happy to report we’ve completed the purchase of this great investment. Thanks again and best wishes with your future projects.

~ K Brophy

Thanks Liza - your group meets are fantastic:) I am looking forward to more meets online.

~ Mandy

Liza! I tuned in to the webinar and by gosh, when you said the greatest gifts have been given to you at times of uncertainty - that connected with me so much. I really believe in what you've been doing with WREN, the mentality behind collective living, and staying true to living your life how you want.

~ Steph

Hi Liza, I just want to Thank You so much for providing these events, and especially for free during this time. I am so inspired by Lynn, Alisa's and the other woman's story this past week! I want you to know that because of these and other webinars, I am really feeling so much better and able to focus on being more productive on a daily basis. I am surprised at these outcomes, so I really appreciate the gift you are providing during such challenging times.
A huge takeaway of what you said this week is that real estate investing is not necessarily something that one is passionate about, however, it can provide an ideal passionate lifestyle, and I love that. It really resonated with me and is setting me on a very different and new path for my financial sense of direction. Thank You so much for all this!

~ Joanna

Would an investment in your education and your network help you generate wealth through real estate?

WREN Encourages, Educates and Enlightens Women to FUN’d their Future using Real Estate Investment as an empowerment tool.



Why learn from us?

When we started investing, it was almost by accident!  We've made plenty of mistakes so you don’t need to reinvent that wheel.  

Our team has invested thousands of dollars and hours to increase our knowledge and skills, which you can leverage to create your own successes.

We offer you an education program designed for women. We understand that women invest differently and we celebrate that fact. We share openly and believe our vulnerability makes us better investors, mentors and supporters.

Online Education now available for WREN CLUB Members



How do you connect with us?

Our environment is fun, friendly and without judgement. We're not competing, we're collaborating!

Join us for a variety of events including women's networking events with our industry supporters, and leadership events with our wonderful community partners.

We host educational events locally and nationally!  Great networking, learning opportunities, leadership, investment and new friends await you. If you can’t come in person, join us online for live and recorded webinars.

Here is our calendar of events.



Why not set yourself and your family up for a finer future?

WREN brings you local and national industry experts to support your real estate investment goals.

Our knowledgeable team caters to our unique community of dynamic women; working creatively to focus on your specific needs. We all strive to help you feel empowered, take the emotion out of investing and use real estate as a tool to help Fun'd Your Future.

Our team has completed projects in supportive housing, rental development, cash flowing joint ventures, vacation rentals and more. Learn from our experiences on how to take action to achieve your real estate goals.

LEAP - Learn. Explore. Act. Prosper

LEARN - join us at an event

EXPLORE - meet like-minded people

ACT - get educated, take action, be collaborative, invest

PROSPER - celebrate your success, be part of the community

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Share your investment knowledge and goals so we can serve you better.

This survey takes less than 10 minutes.

End of year challenge...
Some of you have recently contacted me about a letter you received in the mail...a letter you wrote to yourself last year... that I just mailed back to you...

Some of the letter writers have been shocked and thrilled by what's manifested for them this year (yes even this crazy 2020 year)!
So I'm putting out an offer...

Take some time this weekend and take the challenge.
Write your future self a letter, your vision, desires, dreams and goals for December 2021. Mail it to me before December 31 but be sure to put your return address on it. I will keep it sealed and mail is back to you unopened next year! PM me for the address.
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Should be a lively coast to coast conversation this evening...
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Hello WRENs, come join us....we'll hear from the experts. Let's finish this crazy year together! It's almost over!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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