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Learn how to FUN'd Your Future with WREN

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Learn with like-minded women.
Working with women from coast to coast.
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WREN Encourages, Educates and Enlightens Women to FUN’d their Future using Real Estate Investment as an empowerment tool.



Why learn from us?

When we started investing, it was almost by accident!  We've made plenty of mistakes so you don’t need to reinvent that wheel.  

Our team has invested thousands of dollars and hours to increase our knowledge and skills, which you can leverage to create your own successes.

We offer you an education program designed for women. We understand that women invest differently and we celebrate that fact. We share openly and believe our vulnerability makes us better investors, mentors and supporters.

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How do you connect with us?

Our environment is fun, friendly and without judgement. We're not competing, we're collaborating!

Join us for a variety of events including women's networking events with our industry supporters, and leadership events with our wonderful community partners.

We host educational events locally and nationally!  Great networking, learning opportunities, leadership, investment and new friends await you. If you can’t come in person, join us online for live and recorded webinars.

Here is our calendar of events.



Why not set yourself and your family up for a finer future?

WREN brings you local and national industry experts to support your real estate investment goals.

Our knowledgeable team caters to our unique community of dynamic women; working creatively to focus on your specific needs. We all strive to help you feel empowered, take the emotion out of investing and use real estate as a tool to help Fun'd Your Future.

Our team has completed projects in supportive housing, rental development, cash flowing joint ventures, vacation rentals and more. Learn from our experiences on how to take action to achieve your real estate goals.

LEAP - Learn. Explore. Act. Prosper

LEARN - join us at an event

EXPLORE - meet like-minded people

ACT - get educated, take action, be collaborative, invest

PROSPER - celebrate your success, be part of the community

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3 days ago

WREN - Women's Real Estate Network

Part of the joy of being a connector is seeing new friends help each other out! Cherie White you rock for sharing your enthusiasm for Brenda Dewynter and the new Upcycle clothing collective! A FIVE Star WIN in real time! See you all there on October 28th for the next Victoria WREN event. ... See MoreSee Less

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Save the dates
Oct 23 Fraser Valley
Oct 26 and 27 Van Health Show
Oct 28 Victoria
Nov 27 Vancouver
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Getting settled back in after the move to the mainland...stay tuned for event date and webinar updates. In the meantime thank you Lana Russell for this Bank of Canada lesson!

An introduction to the Bank of Canada: What it is and what it does...
Like other central banks around the world the Bank of Canada has the broad responsibility for managing the economic and financial welfare of the country.

The Bank of Canada was founded in 1934 and it is relatively young by central bank standards. In 1938 it became a Crown Corporation, which means it is owned by the federal government. The bank is governed by legislation in the Bank of Canada Act which says the bank exists “to regulate credit and currency in the best interests of the economic life of the nation.”

There are three main ways the Bank of Canada shows up in our daily lives.

Monetary Policy is designed to preserve the value of money. This is the part of the bank’s job that most people know about, because it gets the most coverage in the media. The factor in monetary policy is managing inflation to keep it low, stable and predictable.

The bank’s main tool for managing inflation is interest rates. The bank sets its Policy Rate eight times a year. It is the rate large financial institutions are charged when they borrow money from the Bank of Canada, or each other, to settle their daily accounts. The Policy Rate is also known as the “overnight” rate.

Financial institutions base their interest rates on the Policy Rate. As it goes up or down so do the rates for business and consumer borrowing such as variable rate mortgages, lines of credit and car loans. Raising interest rates makes borrowing and spending more expensive which slows down economic activity and inflation. Lowering rates does the opposite.

The Policy Rate can also influence the value of our dollar which affects the cost of Canadian goods and services on world markets. Higher interest rates tend to increase the value of the Canadian dollar, making Canadian goods more expensive which, again, slows economic activity and inflation.

So, you can see the bank is performing an economic balancing act.

The Bank of Canada is known as “the banker’s bank” and it helps manage and regulate the country’s Financial System. The bank facilitates borrowing and investing for Canada’s large financial institutions and it regulates those institutions. The bank controls how much they can lend out by setting standards for how the loans are secured and imposing cash reserve requirements.

The most obvious way the Bank of Canada enters our lives is through our Currency. The bank is responsible for designing, issuing and delivering bank notes (coins are the responsibility of the Royal Canadian Mint).

If we can be of any help to you this week, please don't hesitate to reach out.
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Thank you Toronto! What a terrific way to kick off in a new city. Great Italian food, wine, wonderful women and men and loads of enthusiasm. Stand by for more!
Photos by @visualeulogy
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2 weeks ago

WREN - Women's Real Estate Network

WREN - Women's Real Estate Network's cover photo ... See MoreSee Less

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WREN, the Women's Real Estate Network

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